Workbook User Guide



Welcome. Workbook is a software that helps you write, edit, and publish quality books easy.

Technically, it is a converter that converts XHTML-based manuscript to PDF. You can get real-time preview of your manuscript using web browser, and complete preview of print output on-the-fly using PDF viewer.

Fast feedback leads to better quality of the content. With workbook, you can iterate write-preview-edit cycle as much as, as fast as you like, unlike traditional book authoring process. Workbook thus helps authors develop quality books.

In this document, we will describe how to use the software.


Workbook's objective is simple: Help people make good books easy.

We love books. We want to make quality books easy.

Good books are:

So we need:

But existing tools do not meet our needs, though they work great for their purposes.

Workbook tries to solve this by:

Workbook provides quality typesetting and ease of iterative elaboration by cherrypicking features from existing tools.

(Note that collaboration and other important things in creative process are not in its scope. They are achieved by other tools such as concurrent version control systems.)


Our principles are:

Hence we consider the following as important.


Copyright (c) 2005-2006, Project Workbook. All rights reserved.

Workbook is free software. See LICENSE for detail.


This software was being developed with grant from IPA ESP program, under the supervision by Professor Yoshiaki Mima (2006-Q3..2007-Q1, 2007-Q3..2008-Q1, see We appreciate those who helped us develop this software.