Workbook User Guide

Setting Up

Install required software first, then install Workbook.



No special hardware needed. Any ordinary PC is fine.



Workbook requires the following softtware to run (Debian package names we used for testing are in parentheses):

See Depends: field in debian/control in the distribution tarball for detail.

We use the following for development:

We recommend you use OS's with packaging system to avoid dependency problem. Excuse us for inconvenience.

Note for Windows users: While Workbook does not directly support Windows yet, it runs on Unix-like OS in VMware, coLinux or similar virtualization software.


These are not requirement, but recommended over other options.


These are not required to run the software, but may be useful when used in conjunction with.

Workbook Distribution

Everything is available at the following site, including binary packages and source code:


Debian Package

Debian package is easy to install and also easy to uninstall. Download the .deb package and install it using dpkg.

$ sudo dpkg --install workbook-x.y.z-*.deb
$ sudo apt-get install -f
$ sudo dpkg --install workbook-x.y.z-*.deb

Do not forget to include contrib and non-free in your apt lines.


If you dare to install using tar ball, use make. Use DESTDIR to change installation directory.

$ tar zxvf workbook-x.y.z.tar.gz
$ cd workbook-x.y.z
$ make
$ make install DESTDIR=/home/jdoe